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As the creator of Women Love Tech, an online mecca for all things technology, social media and gadgets just for women, Frederique Bros is changing the way women engage and interact with tech. Originally from France, Frederique has lived in Australia for 15 years and now resides in Sydney with her adorable French Bulldog Oscar. Stemming from her love for what’s traditionally been a male dominated market, Frederique is one of the country’s most influential and prolific technology writers and digital experts.

Always one step ahead of the trends, Frederique has long had a fascination for new technology. Working in multimedia, graphic and web design for over 10 years she has extensive professional experience in the tech industry. Just a few years ago, Frederique would often find herself lunching with girlfriends who would endlessly ask her advice and opinion on everything from setting up their laptops to new mobile phones. She was the IT it girl of the group!

Frederique saw a huge gap for information and advice written specifically for women, after all – women account for a huge and influential portion of the tech market! Frederique found that most articles aimed at women were written as though they had no understanding whatsoever. There wasn’t any content designed to help women understand technology for their needs. It seemed many brands just didn’t know how to communicate with women, even though they’d finally realised that creating a ‘pink’ version of their product simply wasn’t going to cut it for the sophisticated, modern consumer!

Frederique decided she would create her own digital magazine, designed specifically for women with unique content that women would find engaging, informative and interesting. In 2012 Frederique started Women Love Tech. Featuring beautiful strong design and one-of-a-kind articles, it’s no wonder Frederique soon saw a rapid spike in readers with Women Love Tech now boasting over 150,000 unique monthly visitors.

Women Love Tech is one of Australia’s most influential sources of technology information for women, covering social media, gadgets, how-to guides, interviews and reviews for everything from apps, smart phones, PC’s to wearable tech. Frederique has worked with some of the world’s biggest names in technology including Apple, Samsung, Logitech, Toshiba, Sony and Bose, creating unique content that informs, inspires and intrigues savvy women who want the latest and the best.

As technology touches nearly every aspect of our daily life, Women Love Tech delves into topics including beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle, health and fitness. Recognising that women have an emotional and personal connection with products and brands that they use and buy, Frederique has built an engaged audience who love to interact, ask questions and offer their own tips and advice.

Women Love Tech aims to provide readers with accurate, up to date, sophisticated yet easy to understand information that resonates with women. Curating a gorgeous online space and compelling yet relatable content, Frederique has created a niche that is shaking up the tech world, giving it a distinctly feminine yet powerful new voice.

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