Two in a Million

Monochromatic Street Style Duo

Showcasing runway inspired trends with their unique street style interpretations, fashion and beauty blogging duo Zoe Grant and Tracy Samimi of Two in a Million are a match made in heaven.

Originally hailing from Orange in regional NSW, Zoe and Tracy regularly crossed paths over the years but weren’t close friends. It wasn’t until mutual friends pointed out that they both shared a similar passion for fashion that the two realised how much they had in common – including the fact they were both constantly asked for style advice from friends and family!

Bonding over their shared love of soaking up all the runway inspiration they could get their hands on, Zoe and Tracy soon became inseparable. It was just 2014 when the pair decided to launch their blog and Instagram, Two in a Million and less than a year later they’re living in Sydney and fast becoming a sartorial force to be reckoned with.

While they share a similar aesthetic, Zoe and Tracy’s styles are as unique as they are enviable. With Zoe favouring an androgynous, laid-back luxury and Tracy a quirky mix of structured feminine pieces, their looks are in perfect balance. With a love of monochromatic, statement pieces, the Two in a Million ethos is all about layering for a one of kind look.

Two in a Million is a visual delight of dreamy flat lays, the girl’s style and feel good fashion inspired content. Combining fashion, accessories and beauty elements into their imagery, Zoe and Tracy have the magic touch to make every post look effortless. Two in a Million showcases the perfect blogging dynamic, capturing an insight into Zoe and Tracy’s stylish life to give fresh, relatable style inspiration.

Constantly evolving and refining their style, Zoe and Tracy are a creative breath of fresh air, bringing their honest, playful and distinctive take on fashion for the new era of style bloggers – proving that they are indeed Two in a Million.

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