The Only Blonde One

Ultimate Lifestyle Influencer

Sharing sneak peaks into her daily life, Lee aka The Only Blonde One is the ultimate lifestyle influencer for Generation-Instagram.

The Only Blonde One is the visual diary of the gorgeous, vivacious Lee. Residing in Sydney, Lee creates a fun-filled, positive and colourful feed of all the things she loves, including fashion finds, beauty must-have, fitness inspiration, travel, beach days and eating out.

Starting The Only Blonde One just over 2 years ago, Lee saw a sudden increase in followers in short space of time. Her popularity undoubtedly comes down to her refreshingly honest yet aspirational quality, that sees legions of fans lust over every post. Lee’s adorable pug Spencer, who makes frequent appearances on The Only Blonde One, is another element Lee includes, ensuring a cute-factor like no other!

Lee describes her style as vibrant, girly and feminine. She loves to try new looks and sways from the extreme of either all-black to full-on colour with her outfits. Fresh, fun and upbeat, The Only Blonde One delights followers with fashion-forward imagery that inspires.

Boasting a down-to-earth, girl next door quality Lee has a genuine, natural vibe that leaves her followers wanting more. Having worked with leading online boutiques, restaurants & cafes and beauty brands The Only Blonde One flawlessly integrates products and experiences that Lee loves, giving fans insight into her lifestyle with tips and recommendations.

The Only Blonde One is the quintessential ‘millennial’ influencer, mixing fashion, beauty, food and fun for a follow-worthy feed like no other!

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Instagram @theonlyblondeone