Tallulah Baran

aka Little Miss Craft

Tallulah Baran, an incredibly sassy and creative thirteen year old, has an incredible eye for all things crafty and fun. A Bondi Beach local, Tallulah loves to surf, skateboard and make things.

Ever since she was little, Tallulah made presents for her family and friends, as they were so much more special than buying anything from a store. She loves to make things out of paper, she can collage and paint, she also makes friendship loom bands, and has a penchant for baking cookies with her friends.

A lover of drawing and aesthetic, Tallulah wants a career in fashion design when she gets older. An eternal optimist she wears her swimsuit under all her clothes, even in winter, just in case.

Already a success on Instagram with her rainbow coloured how tos, Tallulah is a pint-sized Aussie queen of craft with boundless potential.

Daughter of Phoebe Gazal, the designer behind Sydney’s famous craft and gift store Papier d’Amour, making beautiful things clearly runs in the family.

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Instagram @littlemisscraft