Sydney Fashion Blogger

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The stylish life of Antoinette Marie

Sydney Fashion Blogger documents Antoinette’s unique and eclectically-assembled outfits, providing her hungry readers with a daily dose of sartorial inspiration. What started as a creative outlet for the self-confessed shopaholic from mag land has grown into a hugely popular blog boasting thousands of loyal followers. She loves to combine luxury items with up-and-coming designer collections, high street pieces and vintage finds.

“I want to encourage my readers to be confident and embrace fashion – to wear what they love no matter the price tag. You don’t have to have a million dollars to look like a million dollars”.

Sydney Fashion Blogger’s obsessed fans love Antoinette’s authenticity, individuality and fresh take on trends. Antoinette only ever wears pieces she is truly passionate about and prefers to combine them in unexpected ways that resonate with her personal style. The blog is a testament to Antoinette’s genuine love of fashion and her fun, relaxed approached is echoed in each and every colourful post.

When Antoinette walks, she makes waves. When she talks, people listen.

Antoinette Marie is indisputably the most powerful shade-wearing selfie-taker in Sydney.

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