The Hostess

Luxury Home-Style Food Blogger

Former Australian fashion designer, Le Cordon Bleu-alumna and home-style cook Stephanie Conley is The Hostess.

Conley credits her love for travel and an appreciation of fresh local produce for her acute food sensibilities.

In 2008, on a creative sabbatical, Conley moved to Italy’s capital, Rome, to pursue a hands-on life experience in traditional food practices and home-style cooking.

From there, she created The Hostess, a visual essay and multimedia dialogue that captures Conley’s poised craftsmanship and gastronomic flair, and has earned a notable following – Blainey North, Camila Freeman-Topper and Nick Tobias are all fans – and even international style bibles such as Wallpaper.

“I play with palette and form,” says Conley,  “you have to let the ingredients breathe, then it’s truly possible to appreciate the essence, colour and texture of a dish.”

The Hostess is a lifestyle journal of practical and polished, home-cooked recipes inspired by the intimate moments shared between family and friends.

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