Impeccably Styled Moments

Immerse yourself in the world of SilverSpies, a gorgeous collection of impeccably styled moments in daily life. Brisbane based Juliette Steen is the creative mastermind behind Instagram sensation SilverSpies and accompanying blog Luar + Wolfdene.

Juliette has fond memories of her creative childhood.  Growing up with a mother who is an artist, she was constantly surrounded by creative inspiration. Always creating and expressing herself through art of some form, Juliette also studied photography in high school, no doubt influencing her passion for it to this day.

Upon finishing school, Juliette studied a double degree in Arts and Journalism at the University of QLD. While she was encouraged to create a blog as part of her studies, it took her sometime before she found her niche. It was in 2012 that Juliette realised she really missed having a creative outlet, so she started taking photos and posting them on Instagram. At first she didn’t even share it with her friends, oblivious to the incredible following she would soon amass.

As a lover of literature, fresh blooms, film photography, simplicity, adventures, plant-based food and slow mornings – Juliette curates a selection of images that reflect a life lived beautifully. You are instantly drawn into the SilverSpies realm, wanting more of her envious style. Juliette specialises in creating desirable, effortless and elegant lifestyle imagery, incorporating glimpses into her everyday life.

Juliette loves food and cooking, with SilverSpies often featuring incredible food photography. She finds the early morning the most inspiring time of day, sharing moments over a delightfully styled breakfast, shadows, books and a cup of tea. Gentle, soft and natural, Juliette’s signature style is instantly recognisable. Acting as an extension of SilverSpies Instagram, Juliette’s blog Luar + Wolfdene offers the lusted after recipes from her immensely popular food shots, home and lifestyle details and understated fashion edits.

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Instagram @silverspies