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With an eye for capturing of-the-minute fashion and styling it in fresh and unexpected ways, Emily Suresh of She Does is a style blogger that embodies confidence and creativity. Sleek, understated and effortlessly stylish, Emily has the kind of wardrobe women dream of with a flair for curating a beautiful collection of aspirational yet relatable images.

Emily began blogging when she had an online vintage shop some 7 years ago. She started her blog for the business as a way to show her customers how to incorporate vintage styles into their wardrobes. It soon grew into something more than a side project, as Emily found herself wanting to spend more and more time on it. As Emily’s personal style evolved, so too did the blog’s and in early 2015 Emily re-branded her blog as She Does to better reflect her diverse and stylish lifestyle.

While She Does is undoubtedly fashion focused, it also covers a variety of lifestyle topics including food and cooking, fitness, beauty and travel – creating a beautiful online space of inspiration for the modern women. Always of the minute, She Does offers a seamless collection of posts that are informative yet relaxed for genuine engagement with the blog’s loyal readers.

She Does Style is Emily’s Instagram which compliments the blog perfectly with a flawless stream of monochromatic fashion and lifestyle shots. Curating a stunning collection of daily outfit posts amongst interior and flatlay images, She Does Style is a visual style diary that always leaves you wanting more. Emily’s adorable 4-year-old daughter, affectionately known as Miss Z, also makes regular cameo’s in the She Does Style feed, the duo making a stylish statement in their often coordinating outfits. Emily’s love for children’s fashion and style is evident as Miss Z’s enviable mini wardrobe is always on-trend, practical and cute!

Constantly changing and evolving, Emily describes her personal style as minimal and easy. Incorporating statement pieces into simple outfits for an individualised take on current trends, Emily’s style is a lesson in modern minimalism. Adhering to a neutral colour palette with lots of black and white, Emily says she loves wearing comfy-chic (jeans and sneakers) almost as much as she loves dressing up in a killer outfit with statement heels!

She Does has collaborated with numerous brands to create blog content and Instagram posts including Pandora, Boohoo, The Iconic, Perth Fashion Festival, Rockingham Shopping Centre, General Pants Co. Cooper St. Lorna Jane, Mossman, Alex Hotel, Volvo and Betts for a mother and daughter campaign.  Emily’s signature talent is styling unique outfits, utilising her eye for one of kind pieces to create wardrobe envy! Emily is passionate about helping others find their unique style and dreams of one-day collaborating on capsule collection, bringing the She Does aesthetic to life in a complete collection.

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