Shannon & Simon

Design, Construction and Adventure Duo

Bursting onto the interior design and construction scene in 2014, brothers Shannon & Simon have an unmistakable flair for contemporary interior design and construction as demonstrated when they were crowned the winners of Channel 9’s The Block Glasshouse in 2014. Born and raised in Coffs Harbour and currently residing in Sydney; Shannon & Simon are living out their passion for interior design, construction, adventure and travel, injecting their unique sense of humour and fun into every project they take on.

With a shared love of the surf and design, Shannon & Simon possess a genuinely affable nature with a natural gift for comedy. 2015 saw the brothers launch a viral campaign for Listerine with their short, sharp & funny videos being released on Youtube. The videos received over 1.3 million views each, with JWT having since named the campaign as ‘the most successful viral campaign ever created by the agency’. Further cementing Shannon & Simon’s status as a favourite in the eyes of the Australian public.

2015 also saw older brother Shannon launch creative interior design company Vos Creative and younger brother  Simon launching construction and design consultancy business Vosa Design Construct. The Vos brand and style can be read about in a multitude of publications including Inside Out magazine and The Age.

2016 sees the launch of the boy’s official Youtube channel Vos Bros, where they will seek to fuse their love of design and adventure with their trademark sense of humour.

With a wealth of industry experience having stemmed from the boys beginnings as professional painters, plumbers and site foreman’s, Shannon and Simon not only bring a level of humour and flair to the work they produce, but also an air of authority gleaned from their vast expertise in a number of key aspects of the construction & design industry.

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