Pixie Curtis

The Four-year-old Taste Maker

When most toddlers pout it’s a temper tantrum – when Pixie pouts it’s #thelipsthelips and a few hundred Instagram likes.

Sydney’s best-dressed toddler and sassiest selfie-poster is indisputably Pixie Curtis. With a bevy of brands at her disposal, a wardrobe coveted by fashionistas across the nation and razor-sharp wit, Pixie’s digital presence is irresistible.

Pixie has quite the social life, taking first class excursions about town, visiting famous friends and stopping at Sydney’s hot spots. Pixie has relationships with Seed Heritage, CROCS, Best&Less and Pottery Barn, among others. Pixie has an uncanny ability to elevate a brand simply by association, drawing mass interaction from luxury and budget-friendly products – who else wears Gucci sandals one day and CROCS the next?

Style-savvy beyond her (four) years, Pixie is fast becoming the voice of her generation – it’s a natural ascension, she seems to be the only one who can spell faux fur Prada

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Instagram @pixiecurtis