Oh it’s Perfect!

The Ultimate Online Destination for Event-Styling

Oh it’s Perfect is a phrase that anyone hosting an event or party hopes to hear -that magical moment when every element comes together just as imagined.  Sammy Hassan is the creator of online styling site Oh it’s Perfect! who loves sharing ideas and inspiration for picture perfect events.

Oh it’s Perfect is a one stop destination for the very latest in event styling inspiration for weddings, birthdays, engagements, christenings, baby and bridal showers.  Bringing together fresh and unique imagery, resources, vendor information and Oh it’s Perfect’s own styled shots, the site is a must visit for professional and every day event enthusiasts alike. Oh it’s Perfect! also boasts a vibrant Instagram account, a virtual rainbow of perfectly styled flowers, balloons, cakes, props, decorations and delectable dessert tables.

Oh it’s Perfect features editorial shoots for seasonal events and special occasions. Ultilising the talent of Australian event specialists, the shots are sleek and unique whilst using products that are readily available to the DIY readers. There are also do it yourself tutorials and guides, a market place for sourcing materials and products as well as vendor listings to help find the very best cake decorators, stylists and suppliers.

Sammy is extremely hands on with Oh it’s Perfect! ensuring that her loyal followers are constantly inspired by quality, originality and delightfully unique ideas. She works in brands to incorporate their product into exclusive shoots and inspiration boards, bringing them to life with the Oh it’s Perfect! magical touch.  Oh it’s Perfect! is a one stop destination that showcases the very best ideas and resources, creating event trends for this buzzing community of professional and aspiring event stylists.


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