Nick Cheadle

Ultimate Fitness and Lifestyle Influencer

For a healthy dose of inspiration and fitness motivation, Nick Cheadle is a fitness influencer who tells it like it is. Driven, ambitious and passionate about his profession, Nick is a personal trainer who has real advice for real results.

Nick has been a personal trainer for over 8 years. What started as a bet with a friend to see who could end of up the front cover of a fitness magazine first, has seen Nick undergo an incredible transformation into one of Australia’s most impressive fitness athletes. Using the bet as motivation, Nick developed an unwavering hunger to build and maintain his healthiest, strongest physique – a passion that crosses over into all aspects of his life.

Starting his Instagram just 3 years ago, Nick has built an incredible following of over 350,000 who look to him for professional advice, tips and daily motivation. As a fully qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor, Nick gives his fans practical, results driven advice to help them achieve their goals.

Nick works with clients both in the gym and online through his fully personalised training and nutrition programs. His fitness philosophy is one based on training and nutrition that take into consideration personal preference and practical application. He’s doesn’t preach a one size fits all philosophy.

With his sustainable approach to building a healthy lifestyle, Nick’s fans appreciate his honesty and refreshingly real advice. Building and maintaining the trust of his loyal fans, Nick has become a powerful influencer in the fitness and lifestyle space. Having worked with countless fitness apparel, lifestyle fashion and equipment brands, Nick loves to share his best finds for helping clients and fans lead a healthier, more active lifestyle that helps them to achieve their dreams.

Powerful and determined, Nick Cheadle is leading the way in fitness motivation and inspiration in the digital space. Combining sheer dedication, professional knowledge and a personalised approach, he is fast becoming one of Australia’s most respected fitness influencers.

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