Naturally Nutritious

Nutritionist, Recipe Developer and Passionate Foodie

With a mouth watering Instagram feed that will tempt and inspire, Melanie Lionello is the creator of the fresh, colourful and healthy, Naturally Nutritious. Determined to have her cake and eat it to, Melanie’s approach to food and cooking is balanced, focusing on the enjoyment of nutritious food minus the fad diets.

Melanie grew up in a family passionate about food. Her earliest memories revolve around the family table, home cooked meals and getting her hands dirty in the kitchen. While she always loved food, Melanie never seriously considered that she could turn it into career. After finishing school she took a few years off, during which time she travelled around Europe. Being exposed to countless new cultures and cuisines, Melanie was even more determined than ever that her future would somehow revolve around food and cooking.

Melanie decided to enrol in a Bachelor of Human Nutrition at Melbourne’s La Trobe University. While at first she found the science element quite a challenge, she soon fell in love with the course and knew she’d found her calling. One of the things Melanie had always loved most about food was the creative element, preparing tasty and beautiful food for friends and family. So, to counteract the intense study, she decided to create an Instagram account to share her recipes and ideas. Initially, Melanie didn’t tell anyone about her account and it wasn’t until she started to gain a serious following that she decided she should probably reveal her identity!

That was early 2014 and since then Naturally Nutritious has gained an incredible following on Instagram and has also evolved into a blog of the same name where Melanie shares more detailed imagery and her recipes. As a fully qualified nutritionist, Melanie combines her professional knowledge with an innate passion for food to bring her readers wholesome, nutritious and delicious recipes along with perfectly styled imagery.

Naturally Nutritious has partnered with a number of like minded brands including Loving Earth, Nespresso, Nativa, Chris’s Dips and Five AM Organics to create one-of-a-kind recipes. As a devoted recipe developer, there is nothing that excites Melanie more than the opportunity to get creative in the kitchen with products that align with her approach to wholesome food. In fact, if it has anything to do with food, from kitchen appliances to cafes, Melanie loves to share her favourite finds!

The success of Naturally Nutritious came as a surprise to Melanie, who initially used Instagram merely as her own creative outlet. However, thanks to her relatable posts, gorgeous food photography and delectable recipes, Melanie has found the perfect balance for success. With an instantly recognisable style, Naturally Nutritious offers practical nutrition advice with a daily dose of delightful foodie inspiration.

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