Miles Gray

Intrepid Adventurer and Lifestyle Influencer

With an undeniable natural charm, lovable sense of humour and appetite for adventure, Miles Gray is a travel and lifestyle influencer. Documenting his endless passion for the great outdoors and inspiring adventures, Miles has a knack for making you dream of your next holiday with every destination he visits.

Miles started his Instagram 4 years ago as a means to share his new life with friends. Originally from Tasmania, he moved to the Gold Coast when he was 11 with his family, where he stayed throughout his schooling years before studying physiotherapy at Griffith University. Upon completing his studies, Miles decided to make the move back to Tasmania, sold his surfboard (which he figured wouldn’t get much use in the chilly Tasmanian waters!) and bought a pair of hiking boots instead.

While many of his Gold Coast friends thought he was crazy for leaving the endless sunshine of the Gold Coast, Miles was determined to showcase the natural beauty of Tasmania, and thought Instagram would be a great way to do so.

Before long, his stunning images captured the attention of Tourism Australian and Tourism Tasmania, who shared his pictures across their social media. Before long, Miles noticed a huge spike in his account’s popularity as followers fell in love with his natural, effortless approach to travel.

As a fully qualified and practising physiotherapist, Miles loves to live the lifestyle he preaches – getting active in the great outdoors. As a keen hiker, there’s no other way Miles would prefer to spend his weekend than exploring a new national park or walking trail – capturing brilliant imagery along the way.

Jetting off around Australia and the world as often as he can, Miles has travelled extensively, documenting his colourful explorations with candid, fun-filled images that bring the destinations to life. As an avid hiker and yogi, Miles also incorporates his active lifestyle into his travels, showcasing some of the world’s most picturesque locations in the process.

Miles has worked with numerous names in the lifestyle and travel industries both locally and internationally including; Tourism Tasmania, Airbnb, Blue Mint Beachwear, Namib Sky Balloon Safaris and Aqua Dome Hotel, Austria just to name a few.

For a light-hearted and inspiring take on travel, bursting with energy and vibrant imagery Miles Gray is a unique travel influencer – one that is bound to make you smile and inspire you to get out and explore!


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