Mark Stanley

The go-to guy for behind the scenes and event photography

Photographing events, people and the red carpet with equal confidence and flair is dynamic Sydney based photographer, Mark Stanley.

Mark is loved industry wide for his natural approach and ability to remain ‘unseen’ as he captures images the moment they are occurring – predicting what will happen for timing perfection. In this fast paced industry, Mark’s exceptional talent for staying ahead of the game and anticipating the photo, is second to none. Mark possesses an acute awareness of movement, timing and light which result in photos that consistently reflect his precision and attention to detail. His signature, laid back style and perseverance for perfection make for incredibly natural yet sophisticated photographs.

Working across multiple industries and platforms, Mark has extensive experience in all areas of fashion, food, life style and event photography. With a vast client portfolio covering some of Australia’s biggest and most well known brands, Mark has worked for companies such as Bauer Media Group, Pacific Magazines, Disney, Sony Music, News Limited and   Fairfax just to name a few.

Combining his years of experience and industry expertise, this highly sort after photographer creates sleek and memorable images. Mark is available to shoot events, fashion, behind the scenes and special projects.


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