Liss Letters

Hand Lettering Artist

Adored by her ever-growing number of online followers, Melissa Smith, better known as ‘Liss’, continues to inspire and motivate with her beautiful hand drawn designs. As the founder of website The Grace Place and the wildly successful Instagram account Liss Letters, Melissa has built her business from the bottom of the inkpot up, and has no plans on putting her brush down anytime soon.

Passionate, dedicated and driven by the impact of words, Melissa’s goal is to continue providing an online space for her followers to find inspiring quotes that celebrate the relationships in their lives.

“There are people that never hear they’re loved,” Melissa explains. “The Grace Place gives them a chance to hear it when they might otherwise not.”

The idea initially came to Melissa after the young artist lost her mother. “Looking back, there have been defining moments where someone has said something that’s become very significant to my life,” Melissa explains. “I want to do that for others.”

While Melissa’s technique is all self taught, she does have a background in graphic design and has worked for a number of not-for-profit organisations. It wasn’t until Melissa had her youngest child however, that her passion for hand lettering grew.

That’s right, besides being a businesswoman and artist, Melissa is also the mother to six children. Yes, six.

While The Grace Place continues to expand, Melissa plans to launch an e-course on lettering in March. She’s also trying to keep up with demand as her Instagram followers continue to rise, (she’s seen a jump from 2000 to 50000 in six weeks).

When she’s not busy creating beautiful designs, Brisbane-based Melissa can be found working towards finishing her Bachelor of Ministry or enjoying a good cup of coffee.

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