Katie Kuiper

Next-Gen style influencer

Fluently combining gypsy nomad, rock & roll and festival chic vibes, Katie Kuiper is the style muse of a new generation. Looking for the fresh, exciting and the ‘now’ this independent style set embrace their individuality, viewing fashion as the ultimate medium to do so.

Born in Jindabyne, Katie moved to the Gold Coast with her family during her schooling years. On finishing school, she moved to Sydney to pursue ballet full time. However, she soon realised the lifestyle wasn’t for her and she was drawn more and more toward her love for fashion. Katie now studies fashion design and marketing full time in Sydney, combing her studies with regular jaunts to music festivals and travelling whenever she can.

Katie initially started using Instagram as a teenager as she thought it was a photo editing app. She had no idea that it made her photo’s ‘live’! Since then, her tangible energy and boundless creativity have attracted tens of thousands of followers who adore her modern bohemian style. With a look that defies definition, Katie describes her approach to dressing as daring and individual. Pairing indie brands with vintage finds and her own-homemade creations, Katie’s wardrobe is the definition of unique.

Studying fashion design has enabled Katie to further develop her ability to make her own clothes and accessories. With a sharp eye for detail and artistic expression, Katie combines her homemade pieces with new labels for outfit inspiration that never ceases to delight and inspire her followers. Katie is also a keen photographer and loves nothing more than capturing the mood of music festivals with film photographs of the people, artists, performers and dancers in their element.

As a ballerina and dancer for many years, Katie developed a love for interesting hairstyles, especially braids. Katie’s talent for creative hairstyles can be seen in her intricate braids and styles, highlighting her chameleon like ability to change her look effortlessly with every post – all while maintaining that unmistakeable Katie Kuiper aesthetic.

Katie is also a passionate traveller, using any travel experience as an opportunity to immerse herself in a new culture, drawing inspiration from the people, music, vintage shops and art to incorporate into her one-of-a-kind look. Recently traveling throughout Europe, Katie returned with a newfound appreciation for the impact of music on her style, citing it has one of her biggest fashion influences.

Katie’s youthful exuberance and natural expression of style has seen her work with a number of fashion, lingerie and swimwear brands including; We are Submarine Swimwear, Somedays Lovin’, Christie Nicole, Lonely Lingerie and Karameleon Australia just to name a few. Capturing the imagination of her followers with her creativity, Katie is a next-gen influencer that lends a touch of magic to every brand she works with.

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Instagram @katiekuips