Isabella Ashleigh

fashion. fitness. food.

Combing her passion for a healthy, active lifestyle and her chic, laid back sense of style Isabella Ashleigh is part of the new wave of fitspo innovators, with a luxe, fashionable edge.

Isabella started her Instagram account when she travelled to Spain for 2 months in 2013. While she was there, Isabella shared lots of photos of not only the sights on her travels but the food she was eating to stay healthy and also pictures of herself in a bikini. With an incredibly fit and toned body, it was undoubtedly the latter that gained a lot of attention and fast – with Isabella’s account soon gaining a serious following.

During her time in Spain, Isabella spent a lot of time with her close friend who is a fitness trainer. She picked up lots of additional hints and tips to work into her regular regime, ensuring she remained active during her extended holiday. Isabella was often inundated with requests from her followers as to her exact workouts and diet, and soon she started to formulate and idea as so how she could share these secrets more broadly.

Some years ago, Isabella had her own fashion retail website where she combined her background in fashion with her love for curating her favourite pieces in one place. So she had the knowledge and the contacts to set up something similar, this time with a lingerie, bikini and health focused approach. Essentially combining everything that she personally found beneficial for achieving her dream physique, she compiled into a meal and fitness plans, answering all the questions she was asked daily on her Instagram account. She also added a curated selection of delicate, fashion forward lingerie and swimwear to her site – creating a one-stop Isabella Ashleigh online destination.

Isabella’s meal and fitness plans incorporate meal plans, recipe ideas, exercise moves and workout combinations that Isabella personally uses to maintain her desirable physique. Based on her personal experiences they offer a day in the life insight into her healthy and active lifestyle to inspire others to do the same. The plans are complimented by Isabella’s daily Instagram posts of gorgeous, colourful meal ideas mixed with her effortless bikini and lingerie shots.

Describing her personal style as elegant, glamorous and on-trend, Isabella’s wardrobe incorporates hot-right-now looks in monochrome tones, with a sport-luxe edge. Naturally, it also includes the stunning lingerie she sells on her website – delicate, sexy and ultra-feminine pieces

With her highly engaged audience of followers who want to emulate her every move, Isabella is a brand’s dream to work with. Isabella has collaborated with a number of swimwear, natural beauty and boutique clothing brands including; Loving Tan Official, Found Basics, Triangl Swimwear, Lük Beauty Food, Beginning Boutique and Bella Box Aus, amongst many others. Boasting an effortless, natural approach to her Instagram, Isabella has mastered the art of creating a covetable, online presence.

Isabella has big dreams for her future to one day create her own active wear range whilst continuing to combine her love for fashion, lingerie and swimwear with her healthy and inspirational lifestyle. She is also passionate about working with brands who have a similar outlook, sharing boutique finds and unique ideas for an all-round active and beautiful life.

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