Inspiring Wit

Fashion & Travel Blogger

Radiating genuine passion and enthusiasm for leading a stylish and adventure filled life, Jenelle Witty is the creative behind Inspiring Wit, an online destination for style, travel, fitness and beauty inspiration.

Jenelle started blogging in 2010 whilst she was studying Design for theatre, live events and production. She had recently moved from Adelaide to Perth and found it was a great way to share a little insight into her new lifestyle with friends and family. While she loved the creative outlet, she only thought of it as a hobby.

By 2014, blogging had turned into a serious vocation for Jenelle and she launched Inspiring Wit as a medium where she could share her regular musings on everything from fashion, travel, fitness, beauty and culture. Jenelle’s vision when creating Inspiring Wit was to share beautiful and meaningful content for women that inspired them to seek adventure, live stylishly, feel empowered, find balance and above all be happy.

Jenelle’s personal style is an effortless mix of high/low, contrasting casual and chic pieces for an eclectic yet on-trend look that is the perfect complement to her adventurous lifestyle. Citing music as one of her biggest inspirations, Jenelle says she incorporates a little bit of rock-n-roll into every outfit for a relaxed and playful vibe.

Inspiring Wit showcases carefully planned and curated content that is always on topic while offering relevant and valuable information for readers. Jenelle ensures her content is planned well in advance, developing tailored and well-thought out posts that are authentic, intelligent and elegant in their execution. With style shoots inspired by international photographers, Jenelle says she is seeking to offer her readers something unique in the style blogging landscape.

Jenelle admits she was a little slow to start on Instagram. However, the Inspiring Wit feed soon gained a solid following of fans who love her uplifting and inspirational posts. The Inspiring Wit Instagram is a sneak peak of what’s happening on the blog as well as behind the scenes of Jenelle’s day to day life. Featuring a refined stream of outfit, fitness, lifestyle and travel posts the imagery is tied together with the regular inclusion of water scenes and beaches – which play a huge part in Jenelle’s life.

As an eternal wanderlust, Jenelle loves developing stylish travel content for Inspiring Wit. Having worked with tourism boards, travel companies and hotels, Jenelle can collaborate on reviews, photography and travel guides. She also loves to channel her inner creative, utilising her design background to develop campaign shots and creative content. Inspiring Wit has worked with numerous brands including Samsonite, Volvo, Lululemon, Lorna Jane, H&M, The Iconic, Telstra Fashion Festival to name a few. Intelligent and inspirational, Jenelle consistently creates thoughtful content full of personality and of course, a touch of wit.

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