Healthy Eating Jo

Plant-Based Healthy Recipe Developer

Healthy pancake stack, raw cheesecake and parfait Queen! Jo Ross, aka Healthy Eating Jo has acquired many titles during her reign on Instagram, but is best known for making healthy recipes look and taste amazing!

Jo originally started her Instagram over two years ago, to keep herself accountable for eating well, after years of diets and eating disorders, and as a way to document her journey with Clean Eating and giving up refined sugar. As a busy full-time worker and mum of two, she enjoyed sharing her new-found love of meal prepping, exercise and protein packed foods to fuel her body. As her love and knowledge of food grew, as did her self-taught passion for photography, and using social media as a creative outlet to showcase her healthy meals.

Her down to earth, engaging nature, quality content and connection with others, quickly made Jo a favourite with her growing number of loyal readers and brands, and she continues to go from strength to strength.

Jo has partnered with a number of well-known brands to develop new recipes, and create organic content for her sites. Nothing gets her imaginative juices flowing like a new product to test out and get creative with!

Jo inspires others with her motto that healthy doesn’t have to be boring, and that preparation has been key to her healthy eating success. She loves sharing ways to prepare in advance to make life easier for busy people, and incorporate and often hide more veggies in her food in creative and surprising ways.

Her journey to a healthier life, lead Jo to recently convert to a Plant Based Lifestyle. This really saw her profile flourish, as the growing market for vegan food ideas exploded. With her new found passion quickly taking over her time, Jo decided to give up her corporate finance career to focus on sharing her inspiration for food, exercise, and healthy living with others. She also launched a new blog to easily share her recipes with her readers – next stop a recipe book or app!

With her instantly recognizable style and tantalizing photos, Jo shows how to make healthy food a quick, nutritious and easy reality for everybody.

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