Gypsy Stone

Streetwear, Photography & Lifestyle

Down to earth, impassioned and electric with a teaspoon of glitter mixed with rock ‘n’ roll, Gypsy Stone is Australia’s most notorious yet loved girl next door. The brainchild of  Lizz Pennings, Gypsy Stone is a visual diary, documenting Lizz’s relaxed lifestyle and honest approach to life. As an experienced and accredited fashion & food photographer and stylist with a creative director’s musing and idealistic mind, Lizz knows how to make her voice heard and her visions seen.

Combining her love for music, vintage, street wear, beach shack island luxe, anything cool, beautiful, edgy and a killer sneaker collection, Lizz wears what she wants, how she wants and inspires her loyal following to do just the same.

A believer in only doing what you love; this shows in Lizz’s ability to execute projects that get her blood running and has seen her collaborate with brands such a General Pants Co, Stussy Australia, and Vans.

Lizz started Gypsy Stone over three years ago, opening up an online store where she pioneered bohemian boutiques with a collection of Australia’s most loved local designers. Choosing to be immersed in the industry purely because she loves it like no other is evident in her authenticity and rebellious fight to never give up doing what she loves.

With testimonials as vivacious as those below, a collaboration with Lizz brings only good things…

“Gypsy Stone is a wandering spirit with an adventurous heart who dance’s wildly, love’s passionately, and live’s fearlessly. She is a lover of beauty, art, and freedom.” – Frankie Magazine Australia

“Aussie girl-next-door, Lizz Pennings is a passionate lifelong fashion photographer and the mastermind, creator, and owner of Mecca – Gypsy Stone. Over two years Lizz has established herself as a stylist, blogger, photographer and creative director to watch out for with a reputation for being nothing but authentic, emotive and inspiring” -Disfunktion Magazine USA

Relentless, effortless, ambitious and contagious. Work with Lizz and it will feel like working with the best friend you never knew you had.

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