Emma Rose

Fitness, Lifestyle Fashion and Beauty Influencer

Covering health, fashion and beauty Emma Rose is one of Australia’s most glamorous lifestyle influencers. With an unshakeable work ethic, lust for living life to the full and inspiring others to do the same, Emma’s diversity and reach as a digital talent is undeniable.

After a brief appearance on Australia’s first season of The Bachelor and her profile as a fitness model, Emma’s Instagram grew rapidly in popularity when she started it in 2013. Sharing an insight into her inspirational active lifestyle, Emma’s Instagram was initially fitness orientated showcasing her passion for staying active and eating well. While fitness is still a focus, Emma now includes a diverse lifestyle offering which includes her chic style, beauty and love of travel.

Based in Sydney, Emma studied business at university and has also worked in the fitness industry. Always looking to push herself in every aspect of her life, Emma recently started online buy, sell and trade fashion website buymyclothes.com, an innovative platform aimed at fashion bloggers and fashion lovers – testament to her endless drive to constantly push the limits.

Emma has worked with numerous fashion and lifestyle brands, showcasing her lust-worthy style, favourite health finds and envy inducing travels. Brands Emma has worked with include Triangl Swimwear, General Pants, Glue Store, Camilla and Skinny Bunny Tea just to name a few, engaging her followers and giving brands a want-it-now quality thanks to her effortless style.

emmaroseoffical.com is Emma’s personal diary, sharing her thoughts on lifestyle, travel and health. Emma is a passionate writer who loves crafting in-depth posts for her readers, sharing her personal thoughts and advice on a diverse range of topics. In particular, Emma loves travel and adventure having collaborated with several national and international hotels and resorts including QT and Ridges to write unique, travel focused content. Capturing her optimistic nature, vibrancy and genuine attitude, emmaroseofficial.com is an organic collection of who she is and what she loves.

Having worked with charities including The Smith Family and Working Dog Charity, Emma also enjoys utilising her social media following to help raise awareness and funds for causes that are close to her heart.

Aspirational and unique Emma Rose is the definitive lifestyle influencer that offers a touch of glamour to the everyday, inspiring her followers with her positive nature and distinctive style.


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