Emma Kate

Creative Wanderlust, Storyteller and Hand Letterer

This is the story of a daydreamer called Emma Kate, a creative soul who loves to travel, create things and drink coffee. Crafting whimsical stories and ethereal imagery, Emma captures the magic of everyday moments through her blog and dreamy Instagram feed.

Emma’s love for sharing her travels and beautiful pictures on Instagram sparked while she was living and working in London. Travelling to different countries every chance she had, Emma made the most of her close proximity to Europe and developed a serious passion for photographing her discoveries. Having also lived in France, Emma regularly wrote a blog during those times although says it was mostly just for family and friends.

On returning to Australia when her adventures in London came to an end, Emma thought that would be the end of travel Instagramming for a while and certainly didn’t think that it was just the beginning of far bigger things to come. As she continued posting daily experiences that inspired her, Emma’s Instagram began to swell in popularity.

A true creative at heart, Emma is a self-taught hand letterer, a craft she has perfected over the last 10 or so years. Having worked part-time whilst at university creating bespoke wedding invitations, Emma has always loved beautiful stationary with a hand-finished edge, so in 2015 decided to create her own stationery business featuring her hand-written designs. Emma Kate Co. is a beautiful collection of cards, posters, gift wraps and tags, charms and more, stocked in over 100 locations all over Australia and the world.

Emma has now established her blog on the Emma Kate Co. website, effortlessly combining her free-spirited creativity, love for adventure and talent for writing immersive stories in one inspiring, visually stunning location. Coupled with her pastel hued Instagram feed of playful, happiness inducing imagery, Emma has become a powerful influencer in the creative, travel and lifestyle space.

Having worked with various brands and organisations including; Tourism Tasmania, Tourism South Australia, Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts, Antler Luggage, Canon, Lululemon, Lancôme, West Elm and Westfield to name just a few, Emma specialises in creating authentic, professional and heartfelt content and collaborations. Emma has also worked on live in-store hand lettering events, creating personalised gift cards for shoppers, showcasing her talent and versatility.

As a designer, storyteller and adventurer, Emma lives and breathes her craft, infusing every project she works on with passion, originality and authenticity. For one-of-a-kind collaborations, custom hand-lettering projects and memorable content creation, Emma Kate is a multi-talented influencer with a difference.

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