Design is Yay!

Illustrator, Designer and Stationery Addict

Every now and then you stumble upon a blog so visually delightful you become addicted just by scrolling through the juicy posts. Design is Yay! is the perfect example of such a blog, a colourful, quirky space devoted to all things design, illustration, stationery and leading a creative life.

Wita Puspita is the creative mastermind behind Design is Yay! Wita was born in Indonesia, where her mum was a digital printer. Growing up around paper, printing and design, Wita has loved drawing and making things ever since she can remember. Wita lived in Singapore before moving to Melbourne, Australia where she studied Communication Design at RMIT. After graduating, Wita struggled to find a role that fulfilled her creatively – so she set about creating her own!

Working as a freelance graphic designer and now as an illustrator, Wita lives in Canberra. As her portfolio and client base grew she decided to upload her work, inspiration and ideas onto her website. While it started as more of a ‘note to self’ and as a means of sharing with her clients, she soon noticed her readership steadily growing. Wita’s blog, Design is Yay! was officially created in 2012 and has since attracted a cult following of readers who adore her endless creative content.

Wita specialises in drawing characters and bespoke portraits in her fresh, bold and instantly recognisable style. She regularly creates invitations for weddings and birthday birthdays, gift cards and imagery for clients as well as a range of free, high quality printables, DIY projects and downloads for readers on her blog. She also writes about blog design and themes, life as a creative freelancer and travel, giving readers an insight into her remarkably organised and enchanting world.

If the Design is Yay! Instagram feed doesn’t motivate you to bring more colour and organisation into your life, nothing will! Wita is a self confessed stationery addict, collecting diaries, planners, notebooks, pens and more. Posting her latest finds with infectious enthusiasm, Wita shares ideas and inspiration for customising planners, notebooks and travel journals. With her trademark, picture perfect imagery, showcasing the latest in stationery, design and illustration, Wita makes every post sparkle.

Thanks to Wita’s impressive creative talents and passion for design, Design is Yay has worked with a number of brands including Office Works, Epsom, Hooray Magazine, Kidspot and Canberra Time’s Nest magazine on a range of custom illustration projects and collaborations. For anyone who enjoys good design, creative living and the joy of beautiful stationery Design is Yay is a bright, fun filled and inspiring read.

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