Daria Varlamova

Style, Minimalism & Wanderlust

Daria Varlamova’s blogging career originated from a passion for travel with a need to do so stylishly. The Perth-based influencer and creator of blog Romany and Chai incorporates her thirst for travel, fashion and lifestyle into a feed that offers endless inspiration for the minimal and chic follower base.

With a background in marketing, PR and communications, Daria has used her knowledge of the industry to transform her social media profile into a globally successful brand that offers inspiration on both who to wear and where to wear it.

Originating from Russia and having since lived in Western Australia, Daria’s passion for travel has not stopped there; regularly exploring Asia, Europe, New Zealand and everywhere in-between, Daria lives a wanderlust life that leads to endless adventures, captured beautifully across her avidly followed platforms.

Daria prides herself on her unique and genuine nature when sharing her life online and is passionate about sharing personal and honest opinions have helped her shape a creative movement on social media that continues to grow tenfold. RomanyandChai.com comprises an eclectic mix of interviews, street style, travel, health and lifestyle tips that brands aspire to be aligned with given Daria’s ability to lead a must-have minimalist yet abundant life.

Daria proves that having good style and a life filled with fun and travel can be easily accessible to anyone. With a wealth of experience working alongside Perth-based creatives, Daria creates beautiful content which sees her work in high demand from a number of high-profile companies, collaborating with brands such as Café Royal, Samsung, Peugeot, Garmin and Qantas.

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Instagram @dazvarlamova