Cocktails by Kurtis

Bespoke Cocktail Craftsman

Becoming an Instagram sensation with his colourful creations just months after starting his account Cocktails by Kurtis, Kurtis Bosley is the cocktail craftsman of the minute. Conjuring up an endless stream of ‘like worthy’ cocktails, followers can’t get enough of Kurtis’ too -pretty-to-drink creations.

Kurtis started working in hospitality when he finished school as he worked his way from being the kitchen hand into bars. During this time Kurtis says he was lucky enough to work in some amazing venues with talented co-workers, which gave him a great understanding of flavour profiles and the inner workings of a successful venue.

After several years working in various cocktail bars in Sydney, Kurtis started working for Public House Management Group, owners of iconic Sydney pubs including The Royal Hotel Paddington, The Woollahra Hotel and The Collaroy Hotel.  He was presented the opportunity to oversee bar operations within the group’s 7 bars and was tasked with the project of creating unique cocktail menus for each venue.

With so many ideas swirling around in his imagination, Kurtis knew he needed somewhere easy and accessible to collate his images and recipes, so he decided to create his Instagram account in early 2016. Cocktails by Kurtis was a literal overnight success and gained instant traction, building to over 12,000 followers in just 4 months! With unique and inspiring imagery, Kurtis’ down to earth style is no doubt responsible for the amazing organic growth in popularity – something that shows no signs of slowing down.

In what he refers to as his ‘scrapbook’ Kurtis presents impeccable imagery, perfectly styled with bright and vivid details.  Kurtis is actually a graduate architect, and while his studied profession may seem a world apart from working behind the bar, Kurtis says it’s his keen eye for detail and background in design that help to create such flawless and appealing looking cocktails

With an innate understanding of colours, shapes, proportions and lighting – all of which are reflected in his seamless feed of bright imagery, Kurtis has created his own Instagram niche. Calming, beautiful and uncomplicated, Cocktails by Kurtis showcases unique cocktail designs and recipes.

Already, Kurtis has collaborated with leading spirit brands including Belvedere Vodka and The Botanist Gin. With a natural flair for crafting bespoke cocktails and an exacting eye for detail, Kurtis is capable of creating unique cocktails for brands and events for a one-of-a-kind cocktail experience.

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Instagram @cocktailsbykurtis