Caroline Høgh Groth

Foodie, Yogi and Wellness Guru

Glowing from the inside out with health and happiness, Caroline Høgh Groth is a wellness guru that practices what she preaches. A passionate foodie, self-taught yogi and mindfulness advocate, Caroline has personally turned her life around in just a few short years and is passionate about helping others find their own path to health, happiness and wellbeing.

Originally from Denmark, Caroline has lived in Bondi for over 6 years. In 2012 she got very sick after being diagnosed with lymphoma. While she struggled with the hospital stays, specialist appointments, treatments and medications, Caroline’s long term prognosis was good. However, her mindset was not. Reflecting on that time, Caroline says her mind just wasn’t ‘there’ and she simply wasn’t coping.

Caroline admits that before then, she took her health for granted. While she had a zest for life and adventure, she was lazy, negative and didn’t really take her health too seriously. She soon realised that in order to make a full recovery and turn her life around she needed to completely overhaul her lifestyle and outlook.

It was this difficult time that inspired Caroline to take her first steps into a new world of health and wellness. She started reading anything and everything she could find about nutrition, yoga, meditation and health, in an effort to heal and transform her lifestyle. Adopting a vegetarian and then vegan lifestyle and practicing daily yoga and mediation sessions, Caroline lost weight and also went into remission.

With the new mantra of loving yourself inside and out, Caroline’s whole lifestyle became more conscious, spiritual and overflowing with healthy lifestyle practices. Radiating health, her friends and family soon started encouraging her to share her recipes, workouts and yoga routines, so after much persuasion she eventually created her blog Greener Resolutions as well as starting to share daily insights into her lifestyle via Instagram.

Caroline is no longer a strict vegan, slowly reincorporating meat, fish and dairy into her diet for a balanced and non-restrictive diet. Passionate about wholesome food, Greener Resolutions shares Caroline’s incredible range of recipes for heathy and delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and treats. Her blog is also a place where she shares workouts, thoughts on yoga, collaborations and reviews as well as travel guides for an all-round holistic lifestyle experience.

Caroline enjoys collaborating with likeminded brands and companies who share her passion for wellbeing and a balanced lifestyle, spreading the word with her loyal community about products and services she genuinely loves and uses. Greener Resolutions has collaborated with many notable brands including Cathay Pacific and Emma & Roe Jewellery as well as various food brands that align with Caroline’s wholesome philosophy. With a passion for travel and wellness, Caroline loves experiencing health focused travel with yoga retreats, active escapes and healthy sanctuaries and is excited about future collaborations in this space.

Vibrant, enthusiastic and genuine, Caroline Høgh Groth is a powerful health and wellness influencer who is passionate about living her happiest and healthiest life.


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