Bec Chambers

Fitness and Balanced Lifestyle Influencer

Making fitness fun and accessible, Bec Chambers is a fitness influencer that preaches a balanced, realistic lifestyle. Overcoming personal struggles with an imbalanced approach to health and fitness, Bec is now passionate about sharing her experiences with others, all with her trademark sense of humour and refreshingly honest approach!

During her high school years, Bec admits she wasn’t overly happy and had a troubled relationship with food. She started going to the gym with her Mum whilst she was also studying Media and Communications full time at Sydney University, but reflecting back on that time Bec says she was doing way too much cardio, enforcing a strict diet on herself and far from healthy.

Bec slowly started to realise that over exercising, undereating and restricting some of her favourite foods were making her feel tired, unhealthy and less than happy within herself. She finally ‘saw the light’ on incorporating weight training into her exercise regime when she met her now boyfriend, who also introduced her to the concept of flexible dieting. Bec started to see that balance was possible whilst also achieving her fitness goals.

To share her newfound love of training and passion for flexible dieting, Bec started her Instagram account in 2014 as her fitness diary. Her following grew rapidly as people instantly resonated with her authentic, laugh out loud posts and real advice. As the digital editor of Women’s Fitness Magazine, Bec is a devoted writer and soon found she needed another outlet to share all of her thoughts so created her blog I Like to Lift Things as a platform to share more diverse content. Bec is now also a fully qualified personal trainer which has given her additional knowledge to inform many of her blog and Instagram posts, as well as occasionally working with clients one-on-one.

With a relatable approach, Bec is a unique fitness influencer who women can actually relate to. Whilst many women love fitness, it is not their whole life and they simply can’t see themselves in fitness models – they are working full time, mothers or balancing study with work and love seeing a more realistic take on living a well-balanced lifestyle. Bec has created an informative and inclusive online space that is inspiring while also being fun, light-hearted and completely relatable.

Bec incorporates many forms of exercise into her regime including powerlifting, Crossfit and yoga. Being exposed to all kinds of sports and fitness activities through her job, Bec is open to any type of exercise and believes there isn’t just one way to achieve your goals – simply find any sport or activity that you enjoy! Continuing her balanced approach, Bec doesn’t eliminate any foods from her diet but instead enjoys anything and everything within her flexible dieting approach. This means she can enjoy foods without feeling deprived and restricted and an approach which she truly believes will enable her to live a long, healthy, balanced and happy life.

Bec loves to share her favourite health and fitness finds with her followers, but only those that she genuinely uses and that fit within her ethos. She is especially fond of working with likeminded food brands, showing women that it is entirely possible to indulge in your favourite foods and still achieve your fitness goals!


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