Bags & Bunnies

Fitness. Fashion. Food. 

With an equal love for all things fitness and fashion, Dasha Gaivoronski the healthy lifestyle poster girl behind the blog and Instagram Bags and Bunnies.

Originally hailing from Russia, Dasha moved to Adelaide, South Australia in 2013. Twelve months after the birth of her son, self described gym-junkie Dasha was keen to get back into her fitness regime. Dasha had started her Instagram account for fun several years earlier. She shared her passion for style, fitness and her pet bunny (hence the name!) but it wasn’t until she started posting more health focused content that her following began to soar.

It was around this same as she moved to Australia that Dasha decided to create the Bags and Bunnies blog to share her lifestyle – from fashion finds, workout routines and recipe inspirations. Filled with colourful photos and Dasha’s light-hearted, honest commentary, Bags and Bunnies is a refreshing read for anyone looking for practical tips for an all-round more healthy life.

Inspired by her journey back to peak fitness, Dasha has recently started her Certificate 4 in Fitness, with dreams to become a personal trainer to help other women achieve their goals. Favouring a combination of strength and HIIT sessions, Dasha shares her exercise methodology via mini videos on Instagram and full-length edits on her blog. She also has an e-book in the works combining all of her workouts and healthy lifestyle mantras.

Bags and Bunnies has evolved into one of the country’s leading fitness motivation accounts, punctuated by Dasha’s stunning wardrobe edits and her vibrant, nutritious foodie shots. Dasha loves exploring the latest trends in fashion and fitness wear, from neon-bright active wear to seasonal trends, her style is effortless and enviable. With a passion for expanding her knowledge, Dasha is always learning about innovations in health and fitness, attending wellness retreats and fitness camps as often as she can. Exemplifying the theory that life should be all about balance, Bags and Bunnies combines fashion, food and fitness for all-round inspiration.

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