Andriana Chidiac

Luxe Lifestyle 

With an eye for detail and covetable style, Andriana Chidiac showcases a lifestyle bursting with colour and a luxurious edge.

Winning Miss Lebanon Australia when she was just 18, Andriana’s modeling career blossomed. Working in Australia and internationally, Andriana developed unique style and passion for expressing beauty in all its forms.

Andriana has since become a major influence in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle realm with her loyal followers lusting over every post. Effortlessly combining her love of style and travel, Andriana’s images are fresh and inspiring. From glamorous evening wear, to swimsuits and sportswear, Andriana’s natural styling sensibility brings every outfit to life.

Working both in front of and behind the camera, Andriana’s creative skills have seen her collaborate with a variety of fashion and lifestyle brands as a model, brand ambassador, style consultant and creative director. Proving she is more than just a pretty face, Andriana actively contributes to the creative process to develop bold, unique and captivating campaigns.

Andriana’s love for fashion, travel, beauty and luxurious lifestyles has recently seen her launch her namesake blog as a space to share her insights. Having traveled extensively, Andriana is keen to combine her interest in fashion, beauty and travel, to explore new definitions of beauty from around the world.

“Beauty is more than just what we see. Beauty is what we feel that gives us the need to explore, to love, to share, to inspire and to create. Beauty is diversity.”


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