Dare to wear and smile if they stare

For a feel good Instagram experience that will leave you inspired to break free from your fashion comfort zone, AndAndrea is a beautiful destination for fashion and styling inspiration. Andrea Tonkin is a freelance stylist, inspirational speaker and style icon.

Andrea was a school teacher for most of her career, a profession that fitted in with her family life but one that never allowed her to fully embrace her true passion. While studying teaching, Andrea was a keen sewer, often making her own outfits from scratch or re-imagining op shop finds. This love for fashion never faded, and after realising the time was now or never, Andrea quit teaching 8 years ago with little more than a dream to work in fashion.

After a year and a half spent contemplating what she really wanted to do and rebuilding her confidence to try something new, Andrea was watching an episode of Oprah that really struck a chord. The episode featured Joan Anderson’s best-selling ‘A Year by the Sea’ and the book’s message resonated with Andrea, so much so she took a leap of faith, renewed her resume and applied for retail positions at Witchery and Country Road. Much to her surprise she was offered both positions, so she followed her instinct and took the role at Witchery – marking the beginning of her new career.

With her 100% honest, authentic and infectiously enthusiastic approach, Andrea was an immediate success. After just one year she was approached by the Western Australian state manager for Myer as well as the National Witchery manager to become the state stylist. She chose the Myer position for a new challenge, just as the concept of ‘personal styling’ was becoming more common for the everyday person, not just celebrities.

Andrea’s styling career has since blossomed, along with her blog, Instagram and recent pop-up online fashion store. After 3 years at Myer, which involved providing one-on-one personal styling sessions, judging fashions on the field events and hosting fashion workshops, Andrea decided to spread her wings and become a freelance stylist. She is now based in Perth’s prestigious Claremont Quarter where she provides personal styling and shopping services, along with hosting corporate styling sessions, events and working as a consultant for several brands including Sass & Bide.

Possessing an enviable natural style, Andrea’s approach to dressing is colourful, relaxed and unique. Never one to shy away from a bold cut or print, Andrea effortlessly pulls off statement making style with grace and personality. Her natural aesthetic and eye for style means she’s able to translate her look for others, whether they’re a new Mum or 70-year-old grandmother.

Andrea has conducted corporate styling workshops for brands including PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, Ernst & Young and Eagles Football Club, and worked with countless brands including Shop Bop, Maurice Mead beauty and Natalie Rolt designs.

Andrea is also an accomplished public speaker, sharing not only her fashion tips and tricks at workshops and events, but also her personal story. She’s passionate about spreading the message that it’s never too late to follow your dreams – and as living proof of her message, Andrea is inspiring in every sense of the word.

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