Amy Maree Comber

Full Glamour Beauty Blogger

If you’ve ever wondered how to create the ultimate special occasion makeup look, beauty vlogger and Instagram star Amy Maree Comber is your go-to girl. Creating high octane, glamorous looks is Amy’s speciality, having mastered all the techniques to apply picture perfect makeup with an impact.

Amy is a life-long makeup devotee, with vivid memories of watching, fascinated, as her Mum applied her makeup when she was a child. This early interest has turned into a true passion with Amy becoming one of Australia’s most influential, self taught beauty bloggers.

Starting her beauty inspired Instagram in 2013, Amy was soon inundated with requests for video tutorials from those looking to recreate her bold and beautiful looks at home. In 2014 she started her You Tube channel, which has since amassed thousands of avid subscribers who delight in her step by step instructional videos. Amy also regularly posts ‘favourites’ videos, sharing her recent must have beauty finds that are essential to her signature look.

Full glamour, on-trend fashion inspired makeup is Amy’s beauty mantra, embracing the unusual, striking and stunning. Amy gives her fans honest and practical advice about all manner of beauty products from cosmetics, skin care and accessories including lashes and brushes – inspiring with her exceptional talent.

Visit Amy Maree’s YouTube Channel here

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Instagram @amymareecomber