Alisa & Lysandra

The Dynamic Design Duo

Alisa & Lysandra, the identical twin sisters best known for winning The Block Sky High in 2013, are following their passion and carving out a career in the interior design industry.

After seven years in the police force, South Australia’s crime-fighting duo have hung up the handcuffs and announced the launch of their online home wares store, ‘Alisa & Lysandra Collections’, where they have personally selected every item available, including pieces they have loved and used throughout their time on The Block Sky High and Fans vs Faves.

It’s no surprise the hardworking entrepreneurs were the first female team to ever win The Block. Entertaining, intense, focused, and incredibly talented, the twins built a legion of fans all over the country and have proven that they’ve got what it takes to pursue a career in the industry they’ve come to love.

Alisa & Lysandra credit their amazing mother for their unwavering work ethic and strong personalities. There’s no denying they’ve come a long way from their first part-time jobs as teenagers, umpiring local beach volleyball games!

The twins made the decision to apply for The Block after watching the finale of the 2012 season. Alisa & Lysandra say they both had a strong gut feeling that they would be selected and that they would ultimately take out the win too.

Alisa & Lysandra both say the best part of being on The Block was coming to the realisation that they could actually pursue interior design as a career. The judges on the show encouraged them to follow their passion and gave them the confidence they needed. “The Block was the perfect environment to explore our creativity and a great place to learn from the best,” Alisa said.

With help from mentors, including interior designer Naomi Findlay from International Institute of Home Staging, Alisa & Lysandra have now officially begun offering interior design consultations as part of their core business. Having already created an overwhelming amount of interest, the twins are currently undertaking what they call a ‘Mini Block, without the cameras!’ – a warehouse conversion project in South Melbourne.

Praising Darren Palmer as their ultimate design guru, Alisa & Lysandra take inspiration from his style, that they describe as ‘sophisticated and sexy’. “It doesn’t hurt that he is always more than happy to offer advice and words of wisdom either!” says Lysandra.

Beyond their thriving careers, these young, successful mums know what matters most and always put their families first. Managing to do it all, Alisa & Lysandra have three sons between them, aged between 2 & 4 years old. Juggling a new business and career path with parenting isn’t easy, but both credit their sons as the ultimate motivation.

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